Wang Li

The release date:2019-10-16

He is the chief ophthalmologist and Professor, the general director of Jiangmen District of aierxin hope (the former director of Ophthalmology of Jiangmen Central Hospital);

Chief physician; Guangdong Lingnan famous doctor and Jiangmen famous doctor; the first batch of myopic surgeons in Jiangmen, standing member of Guangdong ophthalmologists Association, member of Guangdong Medical Association ophthalmology branch, director of Guangdong optometry society, chairman of Jiangmen Medical Association ophthalmology branch, director of Jiangmen low vision rehabilitation center, good at: cataract, excimer laser, corneal transplantation, glass Diagnosis and treatment of omental diseases. It is the first to carry out phacoemulsification with micro incision in Wuyi area

Molecular laser, corneal transplantation, vitreoretinal disease treatment.

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