How to deal with eyestrain by watching computer everyday

The release date:2019-10-17

Looking at the computer every day, dry eyes, astringent eyes and tired eyes are the troubles of many office workers. How to solve it? You can use the following methods.

What about eyestrain?

1. Keep the eye distance, not too close to the computer, 25 inches away from the computer, and it is better to turn the computer screen to a slightly overhead position.

2. Pay attention to the rest time. Stand up and walk around every 40-50 minutes with your eyes closed or overlook.

3. Do not use mobile phone or computer in too dark or too bright environment

4. Consciously blink more. When people use electronic products, they will unconsciously reduce the number of blinks, so they can consciously blink more and promote the secretion of tears.

If the eyes continue to dry, pain and other can not be relieved, it is recommended to go to a professional eye hospital for examination and treatment. It is not recommended to drop the eye drops by yourself, because some eye drops contain preservatives, which are not suitable for long-term use, and may also wash away the normal tear film, so the eye drops need to follow the doctor's instructions.

At present, the common method of treatment for dry eye is meibomian gland therapy. Including fumigation, hot compress and massage, referred to as "eye spa". The oil in the normal meibomian gland is cool and easy to discharge. It is distributed on the ocular surface and plays the role of water locking. For people with meibomian gland dysfunction, the oil will become very thick and not easy to melt. At this time, the eyelid can be heated by hot compress to let the oil flow again, and then the smooth meibomian gland can be restored by certain techniques and instruments.

How to wear contact lenses?

Wearing contact lenses incorrectly can cause many problems, such as dry eyes, pain, infection or vision problems, so it is necessary to clean and use contact lenses correctly.

1. Try to wear less or no soft contact lenses, because the permeability of soft contact lenses is poor, long wearing may cause various eye problems.

2. Pay attention to the cleaning of eyes, hands and contact lenses

3. Don't wear contact lenses when you have a cold or sleep.

At the same time, myopic surgery is a good choice for adult myopic patients to correct their vision. They can not only enjoy a clear and beautiful life, but also do not suffer from the pain of "self poke eyeball" every day.

More than 300 eye hospitals in the world, global chains in Europe and North America, and myopic surgery technology are synchronized with European and American countries, sharing global eye wisdom.

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