Jiangmen Wuyi Aier new hope ophthalmic hospital Co., Ltd. is a regular medical institution invested and constructed by Aier ophthalmic hospital group and new hope ophthalmic hospital group according to the standard of national second-class professional ophthalmic hospital. It is located in Jiangmen Unicom building, the original port first road, with convenient transportation, building area of more than 5000 square meters and 60 beds. Relying on the advantages of Aier ophthalmic hospital group and new hope ophthalmic hospital group, the hospital has gathered a large number of well-known experts and scientific research and technical talents with rich clinical experience in the domestic ophthalmic field, providing strong technical support for Jiangmen Aier new hope ophthalmic diagnosis and treatment.

Our hospital has set up refractive surgery department, cataract and glaucoma department, fundus department, optometry and pediatric ophthalmology department, corneal transplantation and ocular surface disease department, lacrimal passage disease department, orbital disease department, eye plastic and medical beauty department and other disease departments. We provide corresponding and effective solutions for the treatment and improvement of eye diseases for different people with eye diseases, and strive to help more patients with eye diseases reproduce HD, Feel the colorful world.

With the strong support of Aier Ophthalmology Group and new hope ophthalmology hospital group, the hospital has always shared the international cutting-edge ophthalmology technology, with the highest security and minimally invasive femtosecond laser myopia treatment technology, the highest level of sterile laminar flow operating room and supporting Zeiss operating system in Germany, the panoramic fundus scanning system in auburg, the laser treatment system in Zeiss 532 in Germany, and Zeiss in Germany International high-end ophthalmic diagnosis and treatment equipment, such as fundus optical coherence tomography system, Alcon Centurion phacoemulsification system, Alcon Centurion Zeiss esign gonioscopy system, etc.

Jiangmen Wuyi aierxin hope ophthalmic hospital is committed to providing international level ophthalmic technical services for Jiangmen overseas Chinese township.