Why China has the highest myopia rate in the world

The release date:2019-10-17

According to the latest research report of the World Health Organization, the number of myopia patients in China is up to 600 million, almost half of the total population. The myopia rate of high school students and college students in China has exceeded 70% and increased year by year. The myopia rate of teenagers is the highest in the world. The myopia rate of primary school students is also close to 40%. According to conservative estimates, by 2020, the population of myopia in China will be close to 704-711 million. Why is the myopia rate of Chinese people extremely high? What is the crux of this "national disease"?


Asians are more likely to be shortsighted

According to a survey, the incidence of myopia in Asians is two or three times higher than that in Westerners. As we all know, there is a genetic risk of high myopia. Children with one or both parents are at higher risk of myopia than ordinary children. Many experts in ophthalmology believe that the high myopia rate in Asian countries may be due to the fact that yellow people are more sensitive to genetics.

Unique child training mode

Compared with sending children out of the home for activities, Chinese parents sent their children to various interest classes to study since childhood. Heavy schoolwork makes children have fewer outdoor activities since childhood. Electronic products are the magic weapon for parents to coax children, increasing the probability of myopia. Research shows that two hours of outdoor exercise a day, 10 hours of outdoor exercise a week, can effectively prevent juvenile myopia, reduce the incidence of myopia by 10%.

The inherent concept of "emphasizing treatment and neglecting prevention"

For a long time, everyone has been used to it. Myopia can't be matched again without forming a good prevention concept and behavior. The corresponding prevention knowledge and popular science have not been really popularized. However, the key point to reduce the incidence of myopia is prevention, because once myopia occurs, so far there is no effective way to treat myopia, only to control the deepening of myopia.

Therefore, experts suggest that children from 3 to 6 years old should have a comprehensive optometry and establish a refractive development file every year. Through the examination of the axial, corneal curvature and visual acuity in the early stage, preventive measures can be taken to protect children's "hyperopia reserve" from being consumed and effectively prevent the occurrence and development of myopia.

Imperfect public health service system

There are many "pseudoscience" phenomena in the myopia prevention and control market. Some glasses are poorly made and "selling dog meat by hanging sheep's head", and some even seek huge profits under the guise of "treating eyesight". Once true myopia occurs, it can't be "treated", it can only be controlled by spectacle correction, or it can be operated on in adulthood.

Experts suggest that scientific optometry should not be afraid of trouble. We must go to a regular eye hospital. After the examination and diagnosis of the ophthalmologist, the optometrist and optometrist will give reasonable treatment suggestions and correct prescription. The quality of the spectacle frame and lens should also be guaranteed. Otherwise, unsuitable glasses will not only fail to correct myopia, but also cause the degree of myopia to deepen.

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