Which way to treat floaters

The release date:2019-10-17

Flying mosquito disease is a very high incidence of ophthalmic diseases, I believe you should not feel strange, the emergence of flying mosquito disease has brought great harm to every patient's life and work, and if suffering from flying mosquito disease without timely treatment, it will lead to the gradual aggravation of the disease, but there are many ways to treat flying mosquito, then, the treatment of flying mosquito Which way can I choose to treat the disease? Let's learn about it.

Symptomatic treatment of floaters:

Traumatic floater disease means that if there is an eye injury, it may cause bleeding in the eyes of the patient, which may cause floater disease. Eye injury may cause foreign matters in the eyes of the patient to remain, such as rust in the presence of iron and copper. Floater symptoms may also occur in the early stage, and severe vision loss in the later stage. It is not difficult to diagnose the nature of this kind of floater disease. The treatment is also aimed at the primary eye disease, and most patients need to enter Operation was performed.

Inflammatory floater disease is caused by some inflammation, such as uveitis, retinitis and other diseases. The inflammatory exudate enters the vitreous body, and finally causes floater disease. The severity of the disease is related to the severity and scope of the inflammation. The symptom is that there are a little, pieces, flocs, filaments and dust floating in front of the patient's eyes, and there are many, large and opaque things. Treatment of this disease In addition, the above absorption drugs should be used.

Which way can we choose to treat floaters? Haemorrhagic floaters are caused by hypertension, diabetes and other possible complications such as fundus diseases, fundus hemorrhage, and entering the vitreous body. Light disease may cause the above symptoms of floaters. Severe and large amount of hemorrhage may cause severe turbidity of the vitreous body and gradual loss of vision. The treatment of this kind of floaters should be based>

Treatment of floater disease with the prescription:

Siwu Decoction can treat floaters, which is composed of 9 grams of raw white spoon, angelica, Longya grass, stir fried Puhuang, 6 grams of lotus root node, 3 grams of Ligusticum chuanxiong, 12 grams of raw land. Patients with floaters can also use vitamin C, K, calcium lactate tablet, antinoxin, etc. to treat floaters, which has a very significant effect.

Which way can we choose to treat floaters? The above article is the relevant content for the majority of patients and friends. I hope it can help you. Patients and friends must choose the appropriate treatment method according to their condition, so as to help the family have better treatment effect.

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