How to distinguish cataract from presbyopia

The release date:2019-10-17

How to distinguish cataracts from presbyopia? Cataracts are multiple eye diseases of the elderly, which have become one of the blindness eye diseases in the world. Clinically, many patients do not know the pathological knowledge and symptoms of cataracts. At the beginning, some elderly patients even feel that they are old, mistaking cataracts for presbyopia. Then, how to distinguish cataracts and presbyopia? Let's talk about it in detail.

The difference between cataract and presbyopia 1: cataract is an eye disease, presbyopia is not a disease

Cataract is due to the fact that the original transparent lens becomes turbid, and the light cannot be projected on the retina through the turbid lens. The patient has the symptoms of blurred vision, flying mosquito in front of the eyes and so on. Cataract is an eye disease.

Presbyopia is a normal physiological phenomenon, because with the increase of age, the lens of human eye gradually hardens and thickens, and the regulating ability of eye muscles also decreases, leading to the decrease of zoom ability. Therefore, when people look at the near object, because the image cannot be fully focused when it is projected on the retina, it will become blurred when they look at the near object.

The difference between cataract and presbyopia

Cataract patients will show symptoms of vision loss, glare, monocular diplopia and so on. Patients often feel that there seems to be a layer of fog in front of their eyes, which blocks their vision, and then they have difficulty seeing objects.

The presbyopia will show that people have difficulty in seeing things close to them, but the patients with presbyopia can see clearly when they try to see, but the cataract patients with more and more serious lens turbidity will lead to blurred vision and can not see clearly.

The difference between cataract and presbyopia 3: cataract can cause blindness, presbyopia is a normal physiological phenomenon

With the increase of the turbid area of the lens, the vision of the cataract patients will be worse and worse, which is an irreversible pathological phenomenon. Severe cataract patients can lose vision.

The difference between cataracts and presbyopia? Presbyopia is just a normal physiological phenomenon with the growth of age. Generally, after presbyopia occurs in the elderly, wearing a certain degree of Presbyopia mirror can be improved.

Experts said: when you or people around you have cataracts, you must go to a doctor in time. Only when you go to a doctor in time can you get effective treatment. If you allow cataracts to develop without going to treatment, the serious ones will lead to blurred vision and invisible state. Therefore, you must know the cause. Only when you know the cause, can you treat the disease.

The above is "how to distinguish cataracts and presbyopia". Once similar symptoms of cataracts are found, patients should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, and timely treatment can save vision.

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