Three tips for ophthalmologists in myopia surgery

The release date:2019-10-16

Although myopia is a small problem, it may affect the choice of life at the critical moment. To join the army, to enter the police, to fill in the military school, to enter the flight attendants and so>

Because of this, in recent years, myopia surgery has become a very common thing in the circle of friends. For young friends who are going to have myopia surgery, the ophthalmologist will give you three tips in advance:

Advice 1: the operation is safe, but the premise is to meet the conditions

Both laser myopia surgery and lens implantation myopia surgery are carried out under the approval of the United States and China, and the operation is safe. However, myopia surgery can not be carried out by all people. Young people under 18 years old, middle-aged and elderly people over 50 years old, as well as those with unstable myopia degree and eye diseases are not included in the scope of myopia surgery.

In order to standardize the operation of myopia, the state has formulated relevant operation standards. In any hospital for myopia surgery, we must first carry out a complete preoperative examination to screen whether it meets the operating conditions. As a global chain covering Asia, the United States and Europe, aer ophthalmology strictly controls the quality of the operation, and the preoperative inspection requirements are more stringent than the national inspection standards.

Advice 2: after the operation, care is also important

After myopic surgery, there is still a last step, that is, postoperative care and reexamination. In the case of laser myopia surgery, the cornea of the human eye is capable of healing, and the incision>

As a global chain, aer ophthalmology covers more than 300 ophthalmic institutions in mainland China, Hong Kong, Europe and the United States. No matter you travel, go to school or work in other places, you can easily carry out postoperative reexamination in the local aer ophthalmic hospital.

Advice 3: if you take part in the physical examination, please prepare the operation in advance

Many young people who have applied for the examination of police, flight attendants or enlisted in the army often wait until the physical examination is near before they rush to the hospital and ask for immediate myopic surgery. At this time, we need to carry out a complete preoperative examination. As a result, a few people found that they did not meet the requirements of the operation and wasted their energy. Secondly, if it is found in the examination that there is inflammation of the eyes such as keratitis, conjunctivitis and iridocyclitis, surgery can>

Therefore, those who need to take part in the physical examination of myopia surgery must plan the operation time in advance and reserve sufficient time for eye recovery.

The layman watches the bustle, the layman watches the doorway. Understand the above reminder, myopia surgery can not panic, know.

As a global chain ophthalmic institution, aer ophthalmology covers Asia, Europe and North America. Myopia surgery is synchronized with Europe and the United States. The volume of surgery is leading in the world, sharing the global ophthalmic wisdom.

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