ITrace visual function analyzer - a sword for modern refractive cataract surgery

The release date:2019-10-17

Recently, our hospital, Jiangmen Aier new hope ophthalmic hospital, introduced the first "iTrace visual function analyzer" in Wuyi area, which is a high-end visual function analyzer integrating corneal topography and wavefront aberration with 5 functions.


ITrace is a visual function analyzer that can see the refraction and visual effect evaluation data of patients in the daytime and at night in a very short examination time; the refraction change and adjustment range of far and near vision; the corneal, intraocular (lens) and whole eye aberration separation; the preoperative planning and postoperative evaluation of high-end IOL operation!

Combination of corneal topography and wavefront aberrations - 5 functions in one

◆ full automatic refractometer (multi area)

◆ measurement of ocular, corneal and lens aberrations

◆ corneal topography with three dimensions

◆ optical imaging quality analysis (PSF and MTF functions)

◆ pupil meter (from light to dark: 2 to 8mm)

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Is it right?


Simply put, for example, if you scan a person directly with a mobile phone, you can quickly get the height, weight, age, body fat ratio, muscle ratio, body age and other data of the person, organize them into a table, list them out and get preliminary healthy diet suggestions.

In the same way, this visual function analyzer can obtain the detailed data of patients with ametropia and cataracts in a short period of time, as well as the preoperative planning and postoperative evaluation of high-end IOL surgery.

What is the principle of this powerful instrument?

Ray tracing patented beam tracking technology

ITrace is the most accurate aberrometer today. It emits 256 parallel and continuous laser beams into the eye in a few milliseconds, accurately tracks the position of each light speed passing through the pupil to the fundus of the eye, and measures the whole eye aberrations through the position of occupying the array formed by the light beam in the retina.

Ray tracing technology measures the pixels generated by light entering the retina of the eye for imaging, and other wavefront aberrometers measure the aberrations of light emitted from the eye after reflection through the retina. Therefore, iTrace avoids overlapping and confusion of data measurement, and is free from the influence of refraction cutoff turbidity or other opaque and irregular areas. At the same time, measuring the light entering the eye can more truly reflect the whole eye Aberration.

ITrace wavefront aberrometer uses the speed of light tracking technology, combined with eysys corneal topography technology, to measure the low order and high order aberrations of the whole eye, distinguish the lens and corneal aberrations, and measure the diopter of the eye in the near and far sight to calculate the eye adjustment force.

ITrace has speed, accuracy and dynamic measurement range that conventional refractive inspection technology cannot match.


In general, the advantages of this machine and other similar instruments are as follows:

Open optometry, refraction in the state of far relaxation; quantitative visual quality evaluation; preoperative planning evaluation of the necessity of multifocal IOL implantation; preoperative planning evaluation of toric IOL astigmatism.

ITrace visual function analyzer is an ideal instrument for evaluating the imaging quality of human visual refractive system!

Since the establishment of our hospital, we have been constantly improving the level of discipline technology and service ability. With the use of this new detector and the original other inspection instruments, our hospital's ophthalmic medical level and work efficiency have been greatly improved, and the time for patients to wait for examination has been greatly shortened. While serving patients well, it also provides faster and more reliable diagnosis and treatment basis for various cases in the future.

Jiangmen Aier new hope, escort your eyes

Jiangmen Aier new hope ophthalmic hospital is a professional ophthalmic hospital with a diagnosis and treatment area of more than 5000 square meters. There are five diagnosis and treatment centers (adolescent myopia prevention and control specialty, myopia treatment specialty, eye health management center, cataract treatment specialty, comprehensive ophthalmology specialty).

Jiangmen hospital has the most safe and minimally invasive femtosecond laser myopia treatment technology. The operating room is the highest level sterile laminar flow operating room and a complete set of German Zeiss operating system.



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