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The release date:2019-10-16



In order to promote the accurate rehabilitation service for the disabled and standardize the management of the fixed-point rehabilitation assessment institutions and service institutions for the disabled, according to the relevant requirements of Jiangmen City Plan for the implementation of the accurate rehabilitation service for the disabled (2017-2020); (jiangdisabled Federation (2017) No. 40), the municipal disabled federation and the municipal health and Family Planning Bureau jointly organize the fixed-point rehabilitation assessment institutions and services for the disabled at the municipal level Review and approval work of the business organization.

Jiangmen Aier new hope ophthalmic hospital is an ophthalmic hospital which is determined as a fixed-point assessment and rehabilitation institution for vision disability in this assessment.


First of all, we need to have a visual disability test

Vision disability refers to the poor vision of both eyes, which cannot be corrected or the field of vision is reduced due to various reasons, so as to affect their daily life and social participation. Visual disabilities include blindness and low vision. Class I and class II belong to blindness, and the best corrected visual acuity of class I is: no light sense ~ < 0.02; or the radius of vision < 5 degrees, and the best corrected visual acuity of class II is: 0.02 ~ < 0.05; or the radius of vision < 10 degrees; class III and class IV belong to low vision, and the best corrected visual acuity of class III is: 0.05 ~ < 0.1, and the best corrected visual acuity of class IV is: 0.1 ~ < 0.3

Blind or low vision refers to both eyes. If the vision of both eyes is different, the one with better vision shall prevail. If only one eye is blind or has low vision, and the vision of the other eye reaches or is better than 0.3, it does not belong to the category of vision disability. The best corrected vision refers to the best vision achieved by proper lens correction, or pinhole vision. No matter what the visual acuity is, the patients whose visual field radius is less than 10 degrees are blind.

And then the rehabilitation of vision disability

The rehabilitation projects of vision disability provided by our hospital include: cataract surgery, visual function training, supporting services, auxiliary appliance adaptation and services (limited to optometry)

1. Cataract surgery

In normal eyes, there is a biconvex transparent body behind the iris, which is the lens. Cataract is defined as cataract when the lens turbidity is obvious or reaches the level that affects vision. The causes of cataracts are various. Apart from traumatic, radioactive, congenital and diabetic cataracts, which have relatively clear causes, the formation of other cataracts is quite complex, and no clear cause has been found. Clinically, cataracts can be divided into senile cataracts, congenital cataracts, traumatic cataracts, complicated cataracts and cataracts caused by systemic diseases.

Cataracts can lead to visual disability, but as long as the turbid crystal is removed by operation and replaced by other corresponding transparent body, the visual acuity can be restored to a certain extent.

Our hospital can help patients in need and provide services of examination, treatment and operation!


2. Visual function training

Visual function training is mainly aimed at the specific situation of low vision patients to carry out the use of visual aids training and functional vision training after wearing visual aids. People with low vision can go to our glasses shop of Jiangmen aierxin hope ophthalmic hospital for optometry, matching and training of visual aids.


3. Supporting services

Our hospital can provide rehabilitation training guidance, rehabilitation consultation and psychological counseling for the visually disabled children and adults.


4. Matching and service of auxiliary equipment (optical class only)

In the case of low vision rehabilitation, children and middle-aged and old people are the groups with high incidence of low vision.

Appropriate visual aids are used for corresponding training at the same time.

Classification of vision aids: optical vision aids: such as glasses, telescopes, magnifiers (hand-held, vertical), etc. Non optical visual aids: such as lighting, reading slit, large print, sun hat, etc.

The purpose of rehabilitation is to minimize the impact of visual impairment, let children seize the best opportunity of treatment, get rid of the regret of life, let middle-aged and elderly patients use their available vision better and more effectively, improve the ability of learning and life, and improve the quality of life.


Since the establishment of our institute, we have always adhered to the service concept of "making all people enjoy the right of eye health, no matter they are poor or rich", and are constantly improving the level of discipline technology and service ability. After our hospital becomes a designated rehabilitation service institution, we will establish a complete rehabilitation service management system according to the requirements of Jiangmen precise rehabilitation service action implementation plan for disabled people (2017-2020), develop personalized rehabilitation service plan for visual disabled people, provide safe and effective rehabilitation services, and ensure the smooth implementation of precise rehabilitation services for visual disabled people in our city.


Jiangmen Aier new hope, escort your eyes

Jiangmen Aier new hope ophthalmic hospital is a professional ophthalmic hospital with a diagnosis and treatment area of more than 5000 square meters. There are five diagnosis and treatment centers (adolescent myopia prevention and control specialty, myopia treatment specialty, eye health management center, cataract treatment specialty, comprehensive ophthalmology specialty).

Jiangmen hospital has a high safety, minimally invasive femtosecond laser myopia treatment technology. The operating room is a high-level sterile laminar flow operating room and a complete set of German Zeiss operating system.



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