How to treat amblyopia in children

The release date:2019-10-17

Recently, a friend asked how to treat children's amblyopia. According to the definition of Ophthalmology, there is no obvious organic disease in the eyeball, and the vision after correction of one eye or two eyes is still less than 0.8, which is called amblyopia. For children with amblyopia, the general principle is that the earlier the treatment is, the better the treatment effect is. The older the children are, the worse the treatment effect is. When they reach adulthood, the vision development tends to be stable, and the hope of vision recovery is very slim.

Amblyopia treatment is a long-term process. Generally speaking, there are several commonly used treatment methods for ophthalmologists:

1. Wear accurate and appropriate glasses

Amblyopia children often have ametropia, let them wear suitable glasses, not only can make external objects on the retina clear imaging, but also can make the visual cortex receive good visual stimulation, promote visual development, which is the first measure to treat amblyopia. Special astigmatism, high anisometropia and so on need contact lenses to solve the problem.

Expert tip: the degree of children's glasses and optometry are not the same. We should judge according to children's age, drugs used to regulate paralysis, whether there is strabismus and other comprehensive factors. Sometimes we need therapeutic glasses.

2. Blindfold

Amblyopia can be a single eye disease, with a mask to cover the eyes with good vision, let children use the eyes with poor vision, can promote the development of amblyopia eyes.

Expert tip: generally used in amblyopia children whose vision difference is more than 0.2, follow up regularly according to the doctor's advice after covering, observe the curative effect and prevent the occurrence of covered amblyopia.

3. Visual training

The purpose of visual training is to stimulate the development of children's visual function. In the past, traditional methods such as bead stringing, maze walking and drawing were generally used. With the development of technical means, some software can now be used to generate visual stimulation, so that children can play games in front of the computer to enhance their visual function.

Expert tip: the effect of amblyopia treatment has a great relationship with the cooperation of children. It is beneficial to promote the attraction of visual training.

Ophthalmologists remind parents that amblyopia treatment is a systematic project that needs to be insisted on for a long time, and needs to be found and treated early. Parents should take their children to the eye hospital regularly for eye health examination, early detection and treatment of eye diseases, so that children can have a clear vision and bright future!

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