Parents often make two mistakes when their children have vision problems

The release date:2019-10-17

During the winter vacation, it's the peak time for children to treat eye diseases. Conscious parents will take their children to have their eyes examined. Children are in the critical period of vision development. How much do you know about their vision health?

Myth 1: poor eyesight must be myopia

Many parents think that the problem of children's eyesight is myopia. In fact, the problem of children's eyesight may also be amblyopia.

Amblyopia often occurs in childhood, similar to the symptoms of myopia, but the harm is dozens of times of myopia. Amblyopia children even wear glasses, vision is also lower than normal, and amblyopia can not be cured in general after adulthood, life-long vision is low. In addition, people with amblyopia lack of perfect binocular single vision ability and accurate stereo vision, and become a "three-dimensional blind person" with eyes open. It is difficult to accurately identify the orientation and size of objects, which has an irreparable impact on life and employment.

Myth 2: cockfighting eyes grow up

The baby is now 6 months old. She has some cock fighting eyes. It's said that it's normal. She's grown up.

Cockfighting eye, known as esotropia in medicine, belongs to a kind of strabismus. Most babies will have strabismus or asymmetry of two eyes in a period of time. With the growth of the newborn, it will gradually disappear after 3 months. If there is still a situation of cockfighting eyes after the baby is two or three years old, it must be treated as soon as possible.

The adverse effects of strabismus on children are all-round. It is not only beautiful, but also can affect children's psychological development, develop the abnormal psychology of loneliness, autistic and self-confidence, and strabismus can also cause amblyopia, and the development of laissez faire can cause poor vision for life. Strabismus can only improve the appearance in adulthood, and vision loss can not be restored.

Winter vacation is a good time to check your child's eyesight. In view of children's vision problems, our ophthalmology department has set up a special clinic. Aier ophthalmology covers nearly 300 Aier ophthalmic hospitals in China. One click consultation can answer more ophthalmic questions.

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