These kinds of people are not suitable for sunglasses. Are you there

The release date:2019-10-17

With the approaching of summer and the scorching sun, many people begin to wear sunglasses when they go out, which can not only beautify their face but also protect their eyes. But the Lord of the community was rushed to the hospital because of sunglasses

It turns out that Wang Ye's acute angle closure glaucoma attack

Angle closure glaucoma

A type of glaucoma in which the anterior chamber angle is mechanically blocked by the surrounding iris tissue, resulting in the obstruction of aqueous outflow and the rise of intraocular pressure. Under normal circumstances, aqueous humor is generated by ciliary process, then flows through posterior chamber to anterior chamber through pupil, and then flows out through angle. For the patients with acute angle closure glaucoma, if the darkroom stays too long or emotional, the pupil will be dilated and the peripheral iris will be relaxed, thus inducing the disease.

The following categories of people are not suitable for wearing sunglasses, are you there?

The first is angle closure glaucoma.

After wearing sunglasses, because the light entering the eye is reduced, the pupil is enlarged and the iris root is thickened, the angle of the chamber is narrowed or closed directly, which aggravates the obstruction of aqueous circulation of the chamber, causes the increase of intraocular pressure, and affects vision and visual field.

The second is color blindness and night blindness.

These patients wearing sunglasses will significantly affect the visual effect.

The third category is children under the age of six.

At this stage, children's visual function is in the development stage, so we should avoid wearing sunglasses for a long time. Dark environment vision will lead to blurred retinal imaging, affect vision development, and lead to amblyopia.

In a word, sunglasses should be worn according to their own conditions and actual needs, and a pair of qualified Sunglasses must have two functions, one is to block the strong light, the other is to protect the UV. For the sake of safety, it is recommended to go to a regular fitting mechanism when purchasing sunglasses.

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