[all fly conference · Heshan station] new all fly second 3.0 mirror picking feast! One full femtosec

The release date:2019-10-16


Picking a mirror is a transformation of beauty and a counterattack of beauty

Aierxin hope full femtosecond 3.0 Conference

HeShan Railway Station

September 28, 2019, sail again! We invite you to enjoy a clear vision and send the benefits to Heshan!


Elsin hopes that the team of refractive doctors will come to the conference and talk about HD vision with you face to face.

Highlights of Heshan station press conference

Full femtosecond 3.0 device will appear


100 Huawei P30


(limited quantity, only after delivery)

Full femtosecond surgery quota







Deposit will be paid in advance on the day of the activity, and there will be one pre-operative examination for myopia or welfare for ICL preliminary examination

(vision, intraocular pressure, computer optometry, comprehensive optometry, corneal topography, etc.)



A deposit will be paid on the day of the activity, and a transportation fee of 200 yuan will be subsidized after the appointment to the hospital for inspection

(please contact customer service for details)

The quantity is limited, and the delivery is finished

Note: the above offer is only applicable to the all femtosecond program. This offer will not be used together with other activities

The deadline for receiving the discount is 23:59 on September 28

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